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Coface South – Credit insurance specialists

Coface South – E.W. Droppa & Associates, LLC. is a general agency for Coface North America. Providing solutions in credit insurance, business reports and commercial collections.

Beneifts Of A Credit Insurance Policy With Coface

Insuring Your Accounts Receivable Ensures Your Business Will Be Around Tomorrow!

Credit insurance can play three significant roles for your company:

Safeguard one of your largest assets.

Credit insurance protects against a devastating loss to an unprotected asset – your accounts receivable.

Support your sales goals.

With credit insurance you are free to expand into new and unfamiliar markets much more comfortably. You may also be able to generate more sales by extending larger lines of credit than you might normally offer.

Strengthen your credit risk management controls.

To ensure that you are selling to creditworthy customers, we track 50 million companies around the world. This extraordinary depth of information gives you the detailed knowledge you need when deciding to extend credit. We also have the ability to collect past due accounts around the world.


What you don’t know about Credit Insurance could be costing you money

Uncertainty about the economy, the ongoing European debt crisis and increased exports by small and medium-sized American companies have sparked an interest in trade credit insurance as a tool for better managing and protecting accounts receivable. By requiring borrowers to obtain credit insurance, lenders can significantly increase their lending volume while dramatically reducing risk.

Advantages for Lenders:

Increase lending capacity

Because credit insurance protects receivables against customer default or slow-pay, lenders can increase loan capacities without increasing portfolio risk.

Lend against international receivables

With credit insurance, international receivables become secured assets.

Overcome concentration challenges

Many lenders use Coface to help them alleviate domestic or foreign concentration in their portfolios, allowing them to increase loan amounts to qualified customers.

Ensure client retention

An unexpected bad debt loss could cripple your customer, violating loan covenants. Credit insurance can reduce this risk dramatically and help clients remain in business for a long time.

Include extended terms in the borrowing base

Typically, receivables from extended terms are an excluded asset. Credit insurance eases this problem.

Win more new business

In this competitive market, the lender who can advance against the largest pool of receivables often wins the new deal. Coface credit insurance can help you increase loan limits and reduce risk.

Advantages for Clients:

Reimburses bad debt losses

Manages and controls accounts receivable

Increases sales by allowing for larger extension of credit to good risk debtors as well as new customers overseas

Provides an additional credit information resource

Helps ensure profit margins

Coface Key Facts


  • 65+ Years of experience
  • Offices in 66 countries; policies issued in 97 countries
  • 350 underwriters
  • Over $500 billion in insured receivables
  • 55 million companies in database
  • Moody’s A2 and Fitch AA- ratings





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