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Coface South – Credit insurance specialists

Coface South – E.W. Droppa & Associates, LLC. is a general agency for Coface North America. Providing solutions in credit insurance, business reports and commercial collections.

Accounts Receivable Insurance

Credit insurance also known as accounts receivable insurance ensures that your company will be paid for merchandise or services delivered to your customer. Exact coverage will depend on the specific terms of the policy. In general, accounts receivable insurance covers the unpaid credit balance from sales made to your customers located in the US, Canada and throughout the world.

Coface, in its capacity as a managing general underwriter, issues policies on behalf of Coface North America Insurance Company, Continental Insurance Company and Continental Casualty Company. This information is for illustrative purposes only and is neither an offer nor a contract. It is intended to provide a general overview of the policy described. Only the policy can provide the actual terms, coverages, amounts, conditions and exclusions. All coverages not available in all states.

In business, extending credit to customers is a fact of life. So is the risk that goes with it. Accounts receivable insurance can remove much of this risk. To create successful business transactions companies must both know their customers and protect themselves. Coface strives to help companies with both of these. If you would like to increase sales while decreasing risk contact us today!


How Does Credit Insurance Work — A Solution Tailored to Your Needs

Each policy is tailored to the individual needs of the business, so coverage details will vary. In general, a company covers all or a majority of its business, and may choose to cover export, domestic or both types of accounts. Policyholders are eligible to file a claim when a customer is insolvent or unable to pay the outstanding balance owed. Since Coface is a global company, we are able to cover sales of subsidiaries or sister companies in other countries, as well as provide local features such as risk monitoring and collection services.

If your company has operations in more than one country, our Globalliance program offers modular, multi-country policies through the Coface international network. Globalliance policies have standard wording and are adapted to local laws. They can be serviced centrally or with local underwriting and collections, depending on your company’s needs.

All policyholders receive access to Cofanet, our online policy management tool. With Cofanet, policyholders can search Coface’s database of 50 million companies worldwide to request, change or cancel coverage with ease. All buyer details are conveniently stored in Cofanet and may be exported for use in the policyholder’s internal management systems.


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