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Coface South – E.W. Droppa & Associates, LLC. is a general agency for Coface North America. Providing solutions in credit insurance, business reports and commercial collections.


Many of our clients and previous website visitors have contacted us with questions about the Coface Commercial Collections process. Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you do not find the answer to your question here please contact us via e-mail or telephone.

Are there any up-front charges when I place an account for collections with CCNA?
The short answer is NO. At CCNA we operate on a contingency basis. This means that we bear the expense for recovery and when we collect we are compensated based on an agreed upon rate. If no monies are recovered for you there is no charge for our services. You pay only for results, not for our efforts!

What information is needed to place an account for collections with CCNA?
There are five basic pieces of information necessary to place an account for collections with CCNA. They are: 1) Debtor name, 2) Debtor address, 3) Debtor telephone number, 4) Date of last sales, and 5) Total amount of the debt to be collected. With this information our investigators can begin their collection effort. It is important that you provide us with copies of all back-up information that you have on the debt within (24) hours of the placement. This information can be transmitted by fax, e-mail, or overnight delivery. Source document information is extremely valuable in the initial stages of the collection process.

What happens if my product is returned to me due to your debt collection efforts?
The return of merchandise is one method of recovering an outstanding debt, but we know it is not the most desired method. Therefore we divide the agreed upon rate in half. Your collection expense will only be 50% of the preferred rate against the present value of the returned product.

What is the CCNA remit policy?
CCNA is unique within the collection industry. We pay our clients twice a month. For collections generated from the 1st until the 15th of the month, our accounting department begins the check writing process on the 8th of the month following. For collection generated from the 16th until the end of the month, our accounting department begins the check writing process on the 23rd of the month following. This process allows our clients to experience a much faster revenue return cycle. All funds are deposited into a trust account upon receipt from your debtors. Finally, CCNA is committed to operating its remit policies within the strict guidelines of the Commercial Law League of America.

Does CCNA purchase receivables?
Yes, CCNA is very flexible in its approach to assisting our clients. CCNA will purchase a single account or an entire receivables portfolio. The purchase price will depend on the portfolio’s age, type of business, due diligence results, prior collection efforts and account documentation. Additionally, CCNA will pay in advance for accounts placed for collection. Your account representative can provide you with the details, but generally you can receive up to 25% of the account within days after placement.

Does CCNA collect internationally?
Yes. In fact, because we are a global company, we have the largest in-house international collection network in the world. Our parent company, CCNA, has offices in 60 countries, and has developed partnerships that extend the number of countries it serves to 93. To give you an idea of CCNA’s strength and size in the field of receivables management and protection, CCNA tracks 50 million companies in over 200 countries, insures billions of dollars of receivables at any given time, and has over 60 years of experience collecting cross-border debts for its clients. With these resources, CCNA can reach out to a debtor with an effective collection effort anywhere in the world.

What should I look for when I choose a collection agency for my company?
As corporate decisions go there are few more important than the selection of an outsourcing partner. When considering a collection agency it is extremely important that you make the correct decision. The collection agency you choose should have a proven track record of success and integrity, they should be accountable and affiliated and they should have a well-placed position within the collection industry. CCNA has a decade-long record of superior recovery results and excellent client relations. Additionally, CCNA is licensed to collect in every state that requires such licensing. We are bonded to insure your company against legal action and we remit via a trust account to insure that your funds are secure until they are in your hands. CCNA is a member of several regulatory organizations for the collection industry. We are members of The Commercial Law League of America and the International Commercial Collectors Association to name a few. Finally, CCNA is a part of the global CCNA group of companies. With over 60 years of experience, CCNA is solely focused on helping companies manage, protect and finance their accounts receivable. CCNA has received excellent financial strength ratings from Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch Ratings.

Do you provide online access for your clients?
Again, the short answer is YES. But there is more that you should know. CCNA provides its clients with online access through our website to on demand reports and individual debtor files. In addition to this we also have within our website a client resource center. This allows CCNA to serve as a clearinghouse for industry information and educational material. By utilizing this function our clients can access up-to- date information from a number of sources about the credit business and trends in the collection industry.

What is a business activity scan and how does it benefit my company?
CCNA has been in business for a decade and in that time we have had literally millions of debtors come across our desk. We have created a computer task that in a few short seconds accesses our entire database. We can run your debtor company or prospective client against our system by either name or telephone number. This will allow you to more accurately judge your clients’ credit worthiness and make placement decisions. And the best part of this service is that it is FREE! In addition to this service CCNA offers many more credit related services such as Asset & Liability Searches and Experian Credit Reports. These value added reports are available through our Credit Services Department.

Does your company use private investigators?
CCNA has always used private investigators. We operate through a nationwide network of over 10,000 credit-trained, qualified private investigators. According to balance parameters, we will send these investigators out to make personal visits to your debtor company for the purpose of gathering onsite financial information as well as affecting a face-to-face debt recovery attempt. Just imagine the impact on the company that owes you when one of our investigators steps into their office. And as with most of the collection process, this service is included in our contingency rate. In addition to our P.I. network we also have investigators on staff in our offices. They assist our collectors with skip tracing and financial research prior to the collection call.

Does CCNA use attorneys for collections?
While our mainline collection staff consistently achieves one of the highest collection rates in the industry, there are some accounts that need the services of an attorney. CCNA uses a nationwide network of collection attorneys. This allows us to bring legal action in the jurisdiction of the debtor company. We include this service in our contingency rate. We only ask you to forward the court cost. In addition to this, CCNA maintains a full time legal forwarding department. It is the responsibility of this department to make a financial assessment of your debtor company and then forward a recommendation to you as to whether or not there is a reason to pursue the debtor company in court. They will also be your point of contact for updates on how your case is proceeding. In essence CCNA allows you to have the services of what would be the largest law firm in the country at your fingertips for the price of court cost and a contingency fee.

What is a “demand letter”?
Demand letters are commonly used to draw a line in the sand with a debtor company. These demands establish a firm and final step in the in-house collection process. Most of the demands are of the 10-day variety, but they can be of any length. Companies commonly use these as their last collection attempt before placing the account for collections. CCNA offers a 10-day demand and a 2-day fax demand to our clients free of charge. The demand will go out on our letterhead and direct payment directly to you. If the debtor company pays you within the allotted time there is no charge to your company. If not, well then you know that your client has truly become a debtor and it is time for CCNA to begin the collection process.

What if I have a debtor that I want to rehabilitate instead of alienate, can CCNA help me with this?
CCNA prides itself on being able to assist your company with a collection process that fits your every need. We have four different levels of collection intensity. For the clients that just need a gentle nudging in the right direction we have what we call the “Audit Approach”. In this approach we move your client back into your credit terms and return that client back to you ready to play by your rules. CCNA offers collections methods that go from “nice to nuclear”. You also have the ability to decide the method of collection we use on each account you place with us for collection.

How do I keep up with my accounts once I place them for collections?
At CCNA we assign an account manager to each of our clients. Every account manager has the ability to access all of your client and debtor information and can give you real time updates on each of your debtors. Additionally you will receive a confirmation letter with every account you place for collections as well as a monthly report showing you the status of every account that is still open and active. Finally, you have the ability to look at debtor notes and pull down reports through our website at anytime. At CCNA we believe in accountability. You will never do more than a click or a call away from an answer to any questions you may have.

Can CCNA help me with my in-house policies?
CCNA provides its clients with many educational opportunities. First, your account representative is highly trained and can assist you with most of your questions regarding your in-house policies and procedures. Next we have many educational helps like “Tools and Timelines” and letters and scripts that we can provide you with through both our website and our printed material. We also provide free aging analysis and account recommendation to our clients. Finally, CCNA provides onsite educational seminars. We are widely recognized for this service and we can schedule this visit at your convenience.

Can CCNA provide my company with “due diligence” investigations on companies and principals we are considering for credit?
Yes, in today’s world investing in unknown businesses and individuals can end in a huge loss for your company. In business today knowledge is power. CCNA can customize the investigation to meet your needs. Our reports are designed to meet even the toughest of internal standards. For pricing information on these reports contact our Credit Services Department at our corporate offices.

Can CCNA perform international investigations?
CCNA understands the international dynamics of today’s marketplace. We also understand the uncertainty global commerce can cause. Therefore we have developed an investigative report that is extremely useful in dealing with clients outside of the United States. Whether at home or abroad, CCNA can provide a report that will help you with your credit and collection decision-making process.

How can an asset and liability investigation be of benefit to my company?
An Asset and Liability search is one of the most important tools in both making initial credit decisions and collection outsourcing decisions. This investigation can uncover previously hidden assets, fraudulent conveyances, private residences and assets, and other business relationships. CCNA can also uncover other real property ownership information, UCC filings and other credit or banking information. CCNA can give you information on both the company in question and the principals within that company. CCNA can satisfy your need and right to know.

Does CCNA offer residential and commercial appraisals?
CCNA offers a full range of broker price opinions and fee appraisals to meet all of your real-estate needs.

What kind of company is Coface?
Coface’s mission is to help companies manage and protect their accounts receivable. Serving over 130,000 clients, Coface has a direct presence in 66 countries. Coface was founded in 1946 and is a subsidiary of Natixis whose share capital (Tier 1) was 16.8 billion euros at the end of December 2010.

Is Coface Licensed for collections?
Commercial collection agencies are required to be licensed or bonded in a number of states. Coface Collections North America, Inc. is compliant with requirements in all states (license, bond, registration, exemption filed). Protect your company. Make sure your agency is licensed and bonded where it should be.

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