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Coface South – Credit insurance specialists

Coface South – E.W. Droppa & Associates, LLC. is a general agency for Coface North America. Providing solutions in credit insurance, business reports and commercial collections.

Credit Opinion

Avoid the stress of making rapid decisions about the financial security of a potential trading partner. Using Coface credit opinions allows you quick access to a company’s credit worthiness. You may also need to demonstrate your own creditworthiness to suppliers and customers. Coface has you covered. Credit assessment at the pace of business.

Coface created @rating as an online method of easily and reliably indicating company creditworthiness. Determined through Coface’s expertise in underwriting commercial risk, the ratings are presented in a straightforward format (@ for $20,000, @@ for $50,000). @rating leverages our database of 50 million companies, a wealth of country-specific intelligence and our over 60 years of experience to provide a reliable company assessment.

With @rating, we put our money where our mouth is. We use @rating to indicate credit limits for some insurance policyholders. In North America, @rating is also available as a credit assessment tool, meaning that you can tap in to our underwriting talent even if you are not a policyholder.

Available by subscription, @rating is underpinned by our global network of resources – the Credit Alliance network of credit insurance providers in 50 countries and business information providers in 70 countries. These subsidiaries and partners contribute local knowledge to a shared credit risk management database. As a result, @rating is built on common standards, so a “@@@” rating means the same for a company in Europe as it does for a company in South America.

Our simple, globally used rating scale indicates a company’s financial soundness, reflecting the acceptable maximum level of exposure on a single transaction. Ratings are continually monitored so you always receive reliable information for accurate decisions.

The @ Rating Scale

  • R – $10,000
  • @ – $20,000
  • @@ – $50,000
  • @@@ – $100,000
  • Customized Credit Opinions – $100,000 and above.
  • NR – Not rated, but indicating no known risk
  • X – Not rated, but indicating possible risk

@ratings are available through Cofanet, our online credit management tool.